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  • Who is Protected by Title Insurance?

    A buyer or a lender may be protected by a title in- surance policy. A buyer may purchase an owner’s title insurance policy and will be the named insured on that policy. The buyer’s lender will require a loan policy, and that lender will be the named insured on the loan policy.

    The owner’s policy protects you, the homeowner, against the specific types of claims listed in the pol- icy. The owner’s policy remains in effect as long as you or your heirs have an ownership in the prop- erty. The policy cannot be transferred to the new owner if you sell the property. There is a one-time premium which is payable at closing. If the home- owner chooses to buy an owner’s policy, he is re- quired to purchase coverage for the full value of the property, which is typically the sales price.

    The lender’s policy protects the lender’s security in- terest (the mortgage) by indemnifying the lender for losses in the event that the mortgage is not enforce- able or does not have the priority over other mat- ters of title as insured in the policy. The lender’s policy coverage amount is based on the amount of the initial mortgage and decreases over the life of the loan as the balance decreases. The lender’s cov- erage terminates when you pay off the mortgage in full. If you refinance your mortgage, the new lender will require a new lender’s policy. If you purchased an owner’s policy on this property, check with your title insurance company to determine if you need a new owner’s policy or an endorsement to your ex- isting owner’s policy.


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