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Under Offer

  • Land Area: 658 ha
  • Type: Commercial

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Type: Commercial


Investment property loans offer
a familiar starting point.

Residential rental properties like single family homes, condominiums, town homes and small apartment buildings provide the perfect opportunity for brokers to grow their business by adding investment property loans to their offering.

Most brokers are already familiar with these properties, so the move from consumer home loans to rental property loans provides a fast track for creating a new revenue stream without having to change the way they already do business….” , we add value by providing a smart, fast and easy way to fund residential investment property loans. Submitting a loan is a familiar process.

All that’s needed is a 1003 and a credit report to get started.

As a direct portfolio lender, we have the freedom to set our own underwriting guidelines.  And because our common-sense, asset-based lending approach is focused on the property’s value and revenue-generating potential instead of the borrower’s personal income, you’ll have the ability to fund loans that traditional lenders can’t.

Our rental property loan financing specialists are experts at qualifying W-2 and self‑employed real estate investors — the extraordinary people who drive the residential investment property market.  You’ll have the ability to attract an entirely new set of clients with investment property loans built to meet their needs, including:

  • FlexPerm Loan: An uncomplicated option that combines the security of a fixed-term loan with flexible fixed-term lengths and the option to remain in the loan for up to 30 years with no balloon payment.
  • Credit QuickFix Loan: An interim solution designed for investors with minor credit issues seeking a lower-cost, interest-only, short-term loan as an alternative to hard money financing.
  • ARV Pro Loan: Designed for “fix-and-flip” investors looking for a short-term, interest-only loan to acquire and improve a residential investment property based on its “as repaired value” (ARV).

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